7 essential tips to build a stunning app

Apps, same as people, want to get noticed. How many of your friends and colleagues like you or hate you? What rating would you receive? Today we will speak about the best ideas and practices on how to get feedback for your app, or so called app reviews.

Well, first of all, you need to build a great app. The app that solves some problem or entertains in some unique way. Not another reskin, really. You are only killing app market, if you produce dozens of reskins. And no reviews or rating would save you. If you are here only to earn money, forget it. But if you really want to build a unique app and get it noticed, here some tips for you:

1. Conduct User Research before even starting an app.

Create an online survey, ask your friends, colleagues, family, your target audience to understand, if people are really interested in your idea, or they already use a similar app. If the idea already exists, try to find specific things that users particularly enjoy about it or hate about it. Take notes and try to make those things better. If you feel like your idea is unique and people would love it, forget about it. And ask again and again. When you get enough feedback, you are ready to build your app.

2. Create good onboarding experience.

First impressions are very important. Try to get your users into the content as quickly as possible. Loading time is very important as well. Never make users wait.

Provide users with tips and tutorial if necessary. Make them feel themselves at home. Help them explore your app and learn by doing. They will not forget it.

3. Don’t interrupt user’s experience.

Users on board? Great, now make them enjoy your app and find everything they need. Do not annoy them with pops or interrupt their journey by all means. Do not ask for feedbacks as soon as possible, or ask rate the app “now or later”. They will come to this by themselves.

4. Provide exceptional support.

Always think about your users and their needs. Even if your app experience is awesome, there still could be difficulties for some people. Encourage them to ask for help and provide exceptional support. Become friends with those users, ask them for feedback on how to improve the app. You may find many interesting facts about your app. If you support those users, they will support you.

5. Track your app analytics.

Understand your users and their behaviour with the help of various analytics tools. You will see what app features people use most, and which features are used rarely. Try to understand why. Never build features that nobody needs. It is a waste of time and money. And probably you may lose users as well.

6. Test your app again and again.

With any new OS release, make sure to update your app. There could be new possibilities for new features, but never do them by guess. Ask your audience. Every new feature may kill the app experience, if the users never wanted those new features.

7. Receive your natural app reviews.

Now you are ready to receive reviews. Yes, that is only because you have built an excellent app, with a great support and nice features that people love. You listen to your users, and they will leave you their appreciations. So simple? You have done a hard work, and now you should be rewarded. Of course, the competition is still high, but with such a great app, you are ready to go to top charts. And we are here to help you make your app stand out even more.

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